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payShield 10K

The hardware security module that secures the world’s payments

payShield 10K is a payment hardware security module (HSM) used extensively throughout the global payment ecosystem by issuers, service providers, acquirers, processors and payment networks. It plays a fundamental security role in securing the payment credential issuing, user authentication, card authentication and sensitive data protection processes for both face-to-face and digital remote payments.

payShield 10K
  • Simplifies deployment in dark data centers
  • Delivers high resilience and availability
  • Offers the broadest support of card and mobile applications
    in a timely manner
  • Supports performance upgrades without hardware change
  • Maintains backwards compatibility with all legacy Thales
    payment HSMs

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Financial services standards
  • ISO: 9564, 10118, 11568, 13491, 16609
  • ANSI: X3.92, X9.8, X9.9, X9.17, X9.19, X9.24, X9.31, X9.52, X9.97
  • ASC X9 TR-31, X9 TG-3/TR-39
  • APACS 40 & 70
Common use cases
  • Payment credential issuing – cards, mobile secure elements, wearables, connected devices and host card emulation (HCE) applications
  • PIN routing
  • Point to point encryption (P2PE)
  • Security tokenization (for PCI DSS compliance)
  • EMV payment tokenisation
  • Card and mobile payment authorization
  • POS, mPOS and SPoC key management
  • PIN and EMV cryptogram validation
  • Remote key loading
Card/mobile payment support
  • payShield 10K has a comprehensive range of functions that supports the needs of the leading payment brands (American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, UnionPay and Visa) in a number of areas including:
    ° PIN and card verification functions for all major payment brands
    ° EMV transaction authorization and messaging
    ° Mobile payment transaction authorization and key management
    ° Remote Key Loading for ATM and POS devices
    ° Regional/National key management (including Australia, Germany and Italy)
    ° Mastercard On-behalf key management (OBKM) support
    ° Magnetic stripe and EMV-based data preparation and personalization including mobile provisioning
    ° PIN generation and printing
Host connectivity
  • TCP/IP & UDP (1Gbps) – dual ports
  • Secure Host Communications Management option for TLS authenticated sessions on Ethernet host port
Product models and options
  • Dual hot-swappable power supply units and fans standard across all models
  • Range of performance levels – 25, 60, 250, 1000 & 2500 calls per second (cps)
  • Remote management and monitoring options via payShield Manager, payShield Monitor and payShield Trusted Management Device (TMD)
  • Format preserving encryption (FPE) options
  • Multiple LMK options – up to 20 partitions per HSM